Please join us for a Special Hot Dog Shabbat & Glow Stick Oneg Friday May 22 - see below for details RSVP appreciated
On Shabbat morning Saturday May 23 worship services are at 10 am
On Saturday May 23 Erev Shavuot Confirmation Service at 6:30 pm

Home Board of Trustees
President Jeff Schwartz 973-927-8542
First Vice President David Ensel 973-252-8117
Trustee of Ritual Don Fast 973-584-0081
Trustee of Buildings & Grounds Glen Salny 973-927-8514
Trustee of Administration Eric Rofe  
Trustee of Ways & Means Cindy Adlestein  
Second Vice President Gary Platt 973-829-0242
Trustee of Social Justice Barbara Burck 908-879-4740
Trustee of Youth Sean Blum
Trustee of Finance Lois Ensel  
Trustee of Life Long Learning Debbie Osberg  
Third Vice President Robin Katchen 973-366-1157
Trustee of Religious School Jennifer Wilck 973-895-9051
Trustee of Communications Eric Schoenfield  
Trustee of Cemetery Alissa Okrent
Trustee of Membership Stacey Seligson  
Secretary Michele Moretzsky 973-598-1558
Secretary Emeritus Sue Rosenthal 973-361-2048
Treasurer Jeff Altman  
Financial Secretary Neal Gordon 973-584-5787
Immediate Past President Howie Goodkin 908-852-0703
Past President Vicki Morrison 973-366-6854
Past President Paul Felsen 973-627-1240
Past President Ed Gates 973-366-7233
Past President Marcia Geltman 973-366-8301
Past President David Grobstein 973-895-3233
Past President Jeff Newman 973-584-5207
Sisterhood President    
Brotherhood President Mark Strauss  
Senior Youth Group President Samantha Weiss  
URJ Liason** Paul Felsen 973-627-1240
Menorah Editor** Jennifer Wilck 973-895-9051
Renaissance Group** Shirley Bauer 973-584-9524
Renaissance Liaison** Belle Schwartz 973-927-1137

* Shared Position
**Non Board Position

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Service Schedule

Friday, May 22  
6:15 pm Special pre-Shabbat BBQ  
7:15 pm Erev Shabbat Worship 
Saturday, May 23  
10:00 am Shabbat Morning Worship  
Parsha: Bemidbar, Numbers: 1:1-4:20  
Erev Shavuot  
6:30 pm Confirmation Service 
Sunday, May 24  
9:30 am Shavuot Yizkor Service 
Friday, May 29  
7:30 pm Erev Shabbat Worship 
Saturday, May 30  
10:00 am Shabbat Morning Worship  
B’nai Mitzvah of Rachel Mandell & Lenny Moldavsky   
Parsha: Naso, Numbers 4:21-7:89  
Ushers: Nancy Greenblatt   
           Andrea & Stuart Kirshbaum