Please join us on Friday evening May 6 for a very special festive Israeli Oneg commemorating Yom HaAtzmaut 
with Shlicha Moran Shevach following an abbreviated Worship Service led by Mrs. Leviner's 5th Grade Class 
services begin at 7:30 pm 
 On Saturday May 7 our Shabbat Morning Worship is at 10:00 am

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Service Schedule

Friday, May 6  
7:30 pm Shabbat Family Service-Visual Tefilah Israel Shabbat 
Mrs. Shula Leviner’s Grade 5 Class  
Kol Shalom  
Rosh Chodesh Iyar Blessing: Jennifer Wilck 
Saturday, May 7  
10:00 am Shabbat Morning Worship  
Parshah: Acharei Mot II, Leviticus: 18:1-30 
Friday, May 13  
7:30 pm B’ma-agalah Shabbat Worship 
Saturday, May 14  
10:00 am Shabbat Morning Worship  
Parshah: Kedoshim, Leviticus: 19:1-20:27  
Bat Mitzvah of Marissa Grippaldi  
Ushers: Neil & Deborah Wallen, Steven & Jennifer Leonard  
4:30 pm 6th Grade Havdalah program
Friday, May 20  
6:30 pm Renaissance Shabbaton & Service  
7:30 pm Erev Shabbat Worship 
Saturday, May 21  
10:00 am Shabbat Morning Worship  
Parshah: Emor, Leviticus: 21:1-24:23  
Rabbi Franzel’s 6th Grade Parshah Parade 
Friday, May 27  
6:15 pm Second Annual Sparkler Shabbat & Hot Dog Dinner, 
followed by outdoor service at Temple 
Saturday, May 28 
10:00 am Shabbat Morning Worship 
Parshah: Behar, Leviticus: 25:1-26:2