Passover Yizkor Services are at 9:30 am on Monday Arpil 21
Please join us for a Holocaust Remembrance Shabbat Evening Worship Service on Friday April 25 at 7:30 pm 
On Shabbat morning Saturday April 26 worship services are at 10 am

Home Education Religious School

Temple Shalom Religious School provides our students and their families many opportunities to explore Judaism, connect to a vibrant Jewish community and become engaged Jewish learners for life.  Our curriculum for grades PreK-12 uses an integrated approach, combining the best of formal Jewish educational practices with critical experiential techniques and programs.  The faculty and staff of Temple Shalom Religious School are committed to the excellence of our program and building warm and caring relationships with our students and families.  Welcome to Temple Shalom Religious School!

Primary Grades PreK-2
Our primary grades, starting with PreK, introduce students to the synagogue and Jewish life.  This is the start of students building Jewish community outside of their homes.  Holiday celebrations, crafts, music and more, set the foundation for a lifetime of Jewish learning and living.  Activities are age appropriate and meaningful.  Teachers focus on making the experiences positive and memorable.

B’Yachad Programs
The Hebrew word, b’yachad, means “together.”  This is the name of our Parent and Student Learning sessions at Temple Shalom.  PreK-3 students have 2 or 3 B’yachad programs each year specifically designed to coordinate with the curriculum.  B’yachad provides opportunities for families to learn together and build positive Jewish memories.  B’yachad programs take place during the students’ normal session of school.

Chai Curriculum
A core component of the curriculum for grades 1-7 is the Chai Curriculum: Learning for Jewish Life.  This curriculum, produced by the Union for Reform Judaism, is based on the most important  concepts and values of Jewish life, helping students grow into committed and thoughtful Jewish adults.  For more information about this curriculum, please use the following link: .

Students begin our formal Hebrew reading program in Grade 3.  Students learn the foundational skills in Grade 3 using an age appropriate primer and additional materials.  Our Hebrew program at Temple Shalom for grades 4-7 is a worship based Hebrew program.  Students learn to read and chant prayers and blessings used in congregational and home Jewish life.  They explore the meaning of these prayers and blessings to help provide for thoughtful and fulfilling worship and Jewish practice.  All students in grades 3-7 attend Religious School two days per week.

Satellite School
Temple Shalom offers Hebrew classes for grades 3-6 at Center Grove Elementary School in Randolph on Thursday afternoons.  This is an alternative to the Wednesday classes held at the synagogue.  The Hebrew curriculum on Wednesdays and Thursdays are identical.

Special Needs
At Temple Shalom, Jewish education is accessible to all.  We work with students and parents to meet the needs of all who are a part of our community.  Our Hebrew Learning Center provides extra support for those who need it for Hebrew.  In addition we provide specialized tutoring for those students whose challenges are most severe.

Grade 7 and beyond
Seventh grade is a year of great transition for many of our students.  Our curriculum incorporates trips, retreats, experiential programs and electives to help our students strengthen their relationships with their teachers, fellow students and their Jewish identities.  Most of our students who complete 7th grade continue on to our post B’nai Mitzvah program.

Temple Shalom Academy (TSA) is the post B’nai Mitzvah program at Temple Shalom for grades 8-10.  Students continue their Jewish learning in this informal setting with teachers who are committed to the needs of our teens.  Areas of study include Comparative Religion, Holocaust study, Jewish History, and Sacred Choices, a sexual ethics curriculum.  In addition, students choose electives ranging from AlefBet Yoga and Spirituality, to Israel through Film.  Students in grades 8 and 9 are eligible for our annual retreat, while all of our 10th grade Confirmation students attend the L’Taken Social Justice Seminar in Washington, D.C.

Gesher, the Hebrew word meaning “bridge”, is our post-Confirmation program for grades 11 & 12.  The focus of this program is Jewish life beyond high school.  Students explore the role Judaism plays in college choices and Jewish values that guide decision making in the real adult world.  Gesher culminates with a formal graduation at the end of 12th grade.

Many of our students in TSA and Gesher volunteer as Madrichim (counselors) in our lower school.  These teens are important role models for our younger students and bring a beautiful vibrancy to the school environment.  Madrichim are provided with training to work with our teachers in classrooms, tutor in our Hebrew Learning Center and assist in our Library.

For more information about Temple Shalom Religious School, or if you have any questions, please be sure to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or 973-584-5666 and press 7.

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Service Schedule

Monday, April 21  

   9:30 am  Passover Yizkor Service  

Friday, April 25 

   7:30 pm Shabbat Evening Worship  

   Choir Shabbat-Holocaust Remembrance  

   Rosh Chodesh Blessing:  Sheila Kane

   Board Representative: Ken Kline, Brotherhood President

Saturday, April 26  

   10:00 am Shabbat Morning Worship  

   Bat Mitzvah of Katherine Kaniewski  

   Parshah: Kedoshim, Leviticus 19:1 – 20:27   

   Ushers: Bruce & Sharon Harrison      

              Jonathan & Stacey Seligson

   Board Presenter: Barbara Burck, Trustee of Social Action