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At Temple Shalom, we celebrate Reform Judaism in words and music, through action and interaction, with emphasis on Jewish traditions.

We embrace our Jewish identity through Nefashot, our passion to touch the hearts and souls of everyone around us. We are a supportive, caring extended family, welcoming all and serving a broad area of northwestern New Jersey.

Our lives are enriched by: Jewish education for youth and adults; spiritual, personal and communal growth; and Tikkun Olam, tangible actions for the betterment of the world.

Highlighted events

Rabbi Inna now Blogs for Times of Israel!! Click here to read.


​​​​​​​July 19 Shabbat Service 7:00 pm

July 24 Torah Study 1:00 pm
July 26 Shabbat at Home  7:00 pm
August 2 Camp Shabbat at Horseshoe Lake Pavilion 7:00pm
August 4 Book Club at Panera 10am
August 21 Chaverim Lunch at Horseshoe Lake Pavilion 12:00 pm

Upcoming Programs
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