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  • You are sick at home by yourself

  • You are mourning the loss of a loved one after your period of Shiva

  • You are laid up in bed after surgery

  • You are in the hospital and you need meals for your children

  • You need a ride to services or other temple activities


Temple Shalom’s Caring Community (TSCC) is a small group of caring congregants who move into action following discreet referrals from the Rabbi, or when congregants, their family or friends call committee members.


This is the Temple Shalom way you can help:

  • 5 minutes to make a friendly call;

  • 10 minutes to drop off some food;

  • 30 minutes to deliver a smile;

  • 60 minutes to prepare a dinner;

  • 120 minutes to share a Shabbat experience;


Join the Temple Shalom Caring Community today! 

When you perform a mitzvah for others, you strengthen them, our community and yourself!

We know there is a need.  This is our Temple Family’s Response.


Be part of it! 

Each of you has something special to offer. Without you, we are one volunteer short! With lots of care,

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