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Jennifer Gangi - Temple Administrator

Jen is a resident of Randolph where she lives with her husband Rick, teenage daughters Cecilia and Talia and two rambunctious kittens. She comes to Temple Shalom after years working with the Randolph Township school district Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO Council). She has often been referred to as the “parent mayor” of Randolph and now looks forward to meeting our warm and inviting Temple Shalom community. During her time working with the school district, Jen also spent 8 years running the office for a scholastic products company located in Randolph. She enjoys organizing and keeping up with daily tasks and she now looks forward to meeting and working with our warm and inviting Temple Shalom community.

After many years of unpaid work being a stay-at-home mom, Morah Shelley, returned to the paid workforce last summer teaching science at Tamarack Day Camp. Prior to camp, besides volunteering copious amounts at Gottesman RTW Academy, where Max (14) and KK (Caleb- 10) attend school, she worked at an educational non-profit for 4 years. Morah Shelley's volunteerism extends to the community as well- as an administrator for Randolph's Buy Nothing Facebook group, and more recently working on renewing Brundage Skatepark. Starting her career after college at Hillel at Johns Hopkins University, she met her husband, Louis, then moved many times as his training to be a heart surgeon dictated.  During that time, Morah Shelley earned a Master's in Elementary Education, then taught for 5 years before their sons were born. She is most excited about bringing her passion for kids, education, and Judaism together in her new role. "Being Jewish, like marriage, is a verb; it's not passive--it's active!" she says, "As one of my rabbis growing up said, 'Judaism is like a rubber band, we all have the same basic beliefs, but stretch and move it to fit each of us'. Morah Shelley looks forward to an amazing school year in the fall, filled with learning, laughter, singing, and Ivreet (Hebrew).

Paul J. Carroll - Accompanist

Paul J. Carroll has been the pianist at Temple Shalom since 2016. He is also the Director of Music at St. Pius X Church in Montville, New Jersey and he teaches at Mother Seton Regional High School in Clark, NJ. Together with his wife, Alexandra, Paul created Musical Collaborations, which provides music educational programs in the form of weekly instruction for children and adults in New Jersey and educational tours around the world. Paul made his European solo debut in Italy in 2001 with Assisi Performing Arts and has performed over 100 concerts with the festival throughout Italy over the last 20 years. Paul holds Master of Music and Bachelor of Music degrees from the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University and he is the President of the New Jersey Chapter of the World Piano Teachers Association and a member of the American Guild of Organists. More information is available at

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