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We’re the Renaissance Group, an active, adventurous, fun-loving group of Temple Shalom members who are youthful “seniors”, delighted to be free at this stage in our lives to play, to explore, to learn, to socialize, to establish new friendships.  Some of us are retired; others work full time. Many of our members are active in various Temple Shalom committees (Sisterhood, Brotherhood, etc.);

others are not.


Under the creative leadership of Shirley Bauer we schedule about a dozen events for the season (August-June).  These include an exceptional range of outings – entertaining, educational, exhilarating.

Where Have We Been?

Variety is the spice of our agenda.  We’ve enjoyed such wide ranging activities as:

- A boat ride up the Hudson River to the Rockefeller estate (box lunches included)

- The Jewish Museum in Manhattan, Grounds for Sculpture in NJ

- Dinner and a show

- Weekend trips to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and Philadelphia

- Botanical Gardens and Zoo in New York

- Waterloo Village

- Pontoon boating on the Hackensack river

- Dinner and Havdallah services at members’ homes

- Many, many, many more activities are planned.

How About You?

Do you have some evenings and Sundays free? Feel like a little adventure? Want to get to know some more people you have plenty in common with? Do you crave a warm and hearty social environment?  Consider joining the Renaissance Group. We’d be happy to welcome you.

For more information, email


We’d love to see you at our next event!

Renaissance Group
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